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Normalizing a sound file in Audacity
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Additional Help
Look at the online help option in the help menu wthin Audacity.

Normalizing a sound file in Audacity
Recommended for:
-Normalizing a soundfile expands the waveform to its maxmium, before any clipping will occur. Naturally, normalizing a sound file containing much background noise increases that noise along with everything else. So clean samples are preferable for Normalization: if too much noise is present, various filtering techniques can be used before normalizing.

1. Open Audacity and open the soundfile.

Select the region you wish to normalize (or Apple key-A to select all).

2. Under the Effect menu, choose the Normalize... option.

In the following dilogue box, make sure the options 'Remove and DSP Offset' and 'Normalize maximum amplitutde to -3db' are both checked.

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