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Transforming a stereo file into a mono in both Audacity
LOCATED in the Dock: Multimedia >Audacity

Additional Help
Look at the online help option in the help menu wthin Audacity.

Transforming a stereo file into a mono
Recommended for:
-using audio over the web for such programs as Flash and Director. Reducing a file to mono cuts the file size in half (good for posting over the web).

1. Open Audacity
- Firstly, the stereo file must be split into its separate left and right channels:

Select the region you wish to split (or Apple key-A to select all). Under the menu to the left of the waveform, choose Split Stereo Track.

2. Under the same menu, choose the mono option for both left and right channels.

Now the file is ready to be mixed down and merged into a single mono file:

3. Under the file menu, choose Export as .WAV file. A dialogue box should appear warning you that both mono tracks will be mixed down to a single mono track during the export. From here, the WAV file can be saved as an mp3 or AIFF file in either iTunes, Soundhack, DSP Quatro or Digital Performer.

NOTE: Audacity is able to save files as AIFF, WAV, as well as others. You may change the format via the Preferences, found under the Audacity menu:


From here, you may choose from under the Uncompressed File format menu under the File Format tab:



To choose an AIFF format (make sure it is 16 bit):

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