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Importing multiple audio files in Audacity and exporting as a single file
LOCATED in the Dock: Multimedia >Audacity

Additional Help
Look at the online help option in the help menu wthin Audacity.

Recommended for:
-This is a basic way of editing. The user has very little control over the separate files before merging- use Digital Performer for further mixing/editing.

1. Open Audacity and open your first file (or Apple-key and O)

To import further audio files, choose 'Import Audio' under the Project menu.

Note that you can import both mono and stereo files but the end mix will be a stereo file if any stereo files are present and a mono file if all files are mono. To change the format of any tracks, use the two options 'Mono' and 'Make Stereo Track' under the menu to the left of the waveform.

2. Under the file menu, choose Export as .WAV file. A dialogue box should appear warning you that both mono tracks will be mixed down to a single mono track during the export. From here, the WAV file can be saved as an mp3 or AIFF file in either iTunes, Soundhack, DSP Quatro X or Digital Performer.

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