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Additional Help
- Help on this topic can be found under the Help menu of Digital Performer,click on Rewire.
- -The makers of Reason have an informational page that might be useful:
- The easiest way to get information about Digital Performer is to go to the Help
Menu located in the top menu of Digital Performer.

1) Looping, Transporting Controls, Synchronization
2) Getting Started
3) Creating a new "instrument device" in Reason
4) Routing Audio
5) Routing Midi Data
6) Mixing Reason Tracks into one Stereo track in Digital Performer

Looping, Transport Controls, Synchronization
When Digital Performer and Reason are used together, the looping and transport controls(play,stop,rewind,etc) are linked together and can be controlled from either application. The tempo is linked also but Digital Performer is always the master for tempo.

Getting Started
1.You must launch Digital Performer first, and create a new file (File>New>New)
2. Create an Aux Track by going to the top menu under Project>AddTrack>Aux Track
3. Choose the Input to be New Stereo Bundle>Reason Mix L1-R2

4. Launch Reason. It will bring up a blank rack.
The best way to switch between the two programs is to click once on the icon in the dock when you want to switch to that program (or Apple >Tab to toggle between both).


Creating a new ‘instrument device’ in Reason
1. Create your own rack in Reason by filling it with the instrument devices and effects that are listed under the Create menu. (more info on this is in the Reason Tutorial)
A. You must create a Mixer first to have it automatically patched to devices

B. For this example let’s use one synthesizer, choose Subtractor Analog Synthesizer
C. You must pick a sound patch for your synthesizer. Push the button that contains a folder in Subtractor

D. Choose folder 1 in the next pop-up menu

E. Choose the Reason Factory Sound Bank folder

F. Choose Subtractor Patches folder

G. Choose the folder containing the patch sounds you want (in this example PolySynths), then choose the specific patch sound that you want to use.

H. After creating your Reason rack with your sounds save the file to the same folder as the Digital Performer file. In the future, open this file after you open the Digital Performer file.


Routing Audio
Example #1 Playing on the keyboard using a Reason synthesizer and recording the audio directly into Digital Performer.
1. Select the red Record arrow from the Digital Performer audio track that you want to record to. If you want a mono tracks are depicted by one squiggly line and stereo tracks have two. Make sure you choose the correct format before you record into a track

2. To prevent hearing the Kurzweil sound during recording, select the MIDI button on the synthesizer, then set the Control setting to MIDI on the display. After recording set the Control setting to Both to continue hearing the Kurzweil.
3. Push the Record button in the Digital Performer control panel.

4. Play the keyboard and the audio information will be recorded into the DP track.
5. Push rewind and play to listen to the newly recorded audio.

Example #2 Recording your sequence that you have made in Reason into a Digital Performer audio track.
1. Record enable either a mono or stereo audio track.
2. Position the playhead to the correct measure in Digital Performer
3. Press the record button in Digital Performer
4. Press the Stop button in Digital Performer when you are finished.


Routing MIDI data
Example#3 Playing on the keyboard using a Reason synthesizer and recording the midi data into a Digital Performer track
1. Choose a MIDI track to record into and push the red record arrow.

2. Select the Output on that track by holding the mouse down in the Output column.
3. Choose Reason: bus 6, then choose Reason: bus 6 Subtractor 1
4. Hit the Record button in the Control Panel and play the keyboard. The notes will be recorded as MIDI data and you will hear the Reason patches as you play.


Mixing Reason tracks into one Stereo track in Digital Performer
Example #4 Mixing specified Reason midi tracks down into one stereo track and creating a final file as an .aiff or .wav
1. Click ‘on’ all of the blue play buttons in the play column in Digital Performer
of the tracks you want to mix down.
2. Adjust all of the levels and effects in the Mixing Board window
3. Make sure the input of the audio track is set to Reason:Mix L 1-R 2
4. Record enable the audio track that you are recording into by clicking ‘on’ the red button.
5. Click the Record button in Digital Performer’s control panel
6. After it has recorded into the track, click once on the track name and then twice on the word ‘selection’ in the upper left corner of the track window. This will select the whole soundbite you just recorded (image)
7. Select the Audio menu, then Bounce to Disk
8. From the Bounce to Disk windows find the Import: option and set as Add to Soundbite window and click OK
9. In the top menu choose Projects then Soundbites

10. Click on the name of the soundbite you want to save

11. Click on the soundbites mini menu and choose Export Selected Bites

12. Choose the format and location you want to save the audio file in.

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