IU Music Library - Frequently asked questions relating to the Music library software and hardware.

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Frequently asked questions relating to the Music library software and hardware.

Below is a list of common software issues and frequntly asked questions;

1. Why can't I hear a playback of what I have just created in Finale?

There is a bug relating to the new feature in Finale 2005, the Human Playback Style. If you do not hear your score when attempting to playback, look under the Playback Controls/Human Playback Style menu. The default option is set for Standard, but changing this to None should enable the playback function.

If you are still not hearing sound, redefine the Internal Speaker Playback via the MIDI menu to Quicktime Playback:

2. Why aren't I hearing the KORG MIDI keyboard through my headphones when I try to play?

If the Local Control option is not checked, the MIDI keyboard is only enabled to pass MIDI data - not output it. To change this, look under the Global Menu/MIDI to find the Local Control on/off box:



1 - press GLOBAL

2 - press MENU

3 - press F2 (the MIDI column on the display)

4 - Press F-8 (the Open option in the display)

5- use the down arrow key to select the Local Control option.

6- use the wheel to check the box.

Now you should hear sound from the keyboard.


3. I keep getting an error message when trying to open a Finale file...

If you get the below error message when trying to open a finale file on a mac, try opening the file from within the progam.

Just launch up Finale by double-clicking on the Finale 2005 icon in the Music Department folder. Under the File menu, choose 'open'.



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