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Scanning a score to import into Finale
LOCATED in the Dock: Music Department >Finale2004 or Finale2005

Additional Help
For more help on Smart score: http://www.musitek.com/faqs.html

For more help on importing into Finale, see the Help menu

1. Firstly, the score excerpt must be scanned as a black and white TIFF file at 300dpi. See the Scanning tutorial for assistance.

2. Open Finale
- Click and hold (or right-click once) the Music folder and choose Finale2004 or Finale2005.

2. Finale uses a little program called Smart Score Lite to import images to be converted into a notation file. Under the file menu, choose the Scanning: Smart score Lite .


Click OK to get past the first window and into the Smart Score Lite program. Click on Add Files and navigate to the TIFF file.


Choose Begin Recognition, to import the file into Finale for editing.

3. Notice below that the technology for score recognition is not totally reliable. Sometimes a little editing is required for a perfect duplication of the original.


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