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Labeling tracks and splitting an audio file into mulitple files in Audacity
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Additional Help
Look at the online help option in the help menu within Audacity.

Labeling tracks
Labeling tracks is useful not only for defining sections or lyrics, but also for saving sections as separate tracks.

Open an audio file in Audacity.

Under the Project menu, select 'New Label Track'.

To add a label to a given point within the audio track, choose Add Label At Selection under the Project menu (or use the hot keys: Apple key and B).

To name the label, double-click on it and an editable text box will appear.

To delete a label, select it and choose Silence under the Edit menu.

Splitting an audio file into mulitple files in Audacity

Once you have named the lables, it is possible to export each labeled section as a separate file.

Firstly, go into the Preferences under the Audacity menu (or Apple-key and , ). In the File Formats tab under the Uncompressed Export Format, choose the AIFF (Apple/SGI 16 bit PCM).


Under the File menu, choose Export Multiple. Again, set the Export Format as AIFF, choose the location for exporting (the desktop, for example) and choose Labels under the 'Split files based on' option. Lastly, check the box next to 'Include audio before first label'.


Click Export.

Exporting selections can cause abrupt beginnings and ends to the resulting sound files. To create a smooth fade in/out to avoid these clicks, see the tutorial on Changing the Envelope throughout a sound file in Audacity

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