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M360 Advanced MOTU Workstations

Instructions for Advanced Features for MOTU 828 Macintosh Workstations
in M360 Lab (for stations 19 & 20).

Stations 19 and 20 in the mac lab on the 3rd floor have MOTU interfaces connected to tape players for digitizing anologue tape sounds. The MOTU interfaces support up to 8 channels both IN and OUT, if customers wish to bring in other hardware devices. The interfaces also support both 44.1 and 48 clocking speeds and the following additional internal clocking sources; S/PDIF, ADAT 9-pin.

For assistance with cabling or correctly hooking up an external device, come to the mltech office 383 during office hours.

1. Making sure the MOTU is connected properly.

If the MOTU is powered and cabled up correctly, you should see the MOTU firewire driver icon show up in the Doc:

To change IN/OUT options, click and hold on the icon, as below:


Double-clicking on the Dock icon brings up the driver software and it is here that all the perimeters of the MOTU can be changed.

Required settings for audio output and MIDI input/output through the Korg Triton LE keyboard.

1) In the Dock open the Music Department folder and choose the Audio Setup icon.

2) Make sure the Triton is correctly connected to the Fastlane USB device (this should be the default setting). Also note that it is possible to test the input/outputs by checking the 'test studio' option:


3) The default for audio playback, as well as audio out, is set to the mac sound in ( through the 5-channel amplifier). If you wish to change this to the MOTU, click on the Audio devices tab:

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