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Converting an audio file into an mp3
LOCATED in the Dock: Multimedia >iTunes

Additional Help
Look at the online help option in the help menu wthin iTunes.

Converting an audio file into an mp3
Recommended for:
Making an mp3 Audio CD. Creating sound files for use over the web (or in Flash or Director).

1. Open iTunes
- Drag the sound file into the library, under the Source menu. iTunes supports AIFF, SD, mp3, MIDI and Quicktime formats.

2. Open the Preferences Window, located under the iTunes menu (or Apple and , for the short key version). Change the 'Import Using' option to Mp3 Encoder and Setting to 'Higher quality (192 kps)'.

NOTE: Every time a user freshly logs onto a mac, the preferences within iTunes are restored back to their default settings. This is important information for burning CDs as well as making any file conversions.

3. Now the file is ready to be converted. With the file chosen in the Library, select the 'Convert to mp3' option under the Advanced menu.

4. A new file will appear in the Library under the previous one with the same name. To make sure it is the mp3 you are selecting, with the file chosen, select the 'Get Info' option under the File menu. It should say mp3 as its format.


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