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Reducing Noise in a sound file in Audacity
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Additional Help
Look at the online help option in the help menu wthin Audacity.

Reducing Noise in a sound file in Audacity
1. Open Audacity. Use the Selection Tool in the top left corner and highlight a portion of the soundfile that features the noise you wish to remove.



2. Under the Effects menu, choose Noise Removal.

3. Audacity needs to hear an excerpt of the sound file to determine the amount of noise that needs to be removed. Click on the 'Get Noise Profile' option and Audacity will scan the highlighted excerpt to determine the noise to signal ratio.

4. Highlight the whole sound file with the Selection Tool (or use the hot keys Apple-key and A)

5. Click on 'Get Noise Profile' again and expriment with the ratio of noise removal using the slider and the 'Preview' option. Removing too much noise will cause the sound file to become distorted.



6. Click 'Remove Noise'. If you are unsatisfied with the results, choose undo in the Edit menu and return to point number 5 above.

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