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Score scanning

Using Photoshop and Photoscore

Scanning a musical score
1. Place the page of the score you wish to scan on the scanner by positioning the top edge of the page on the left edge of the scanner.
2. Launch Adobe Photoshop.
3. In the menu bar at the top of the screen, click File, then Import, then choose EPSON Expression 1640 XL

(hit ‘cancel’ if it starts scanning automatically)

4. Under Document Type choose Text/Line Art

-Under Image Type choose Black and White
-Under Destination choose Printer (300 dpi)

5. Click PREVIEW
6. Select the region to be scanned using the mouse and the dotted box
7. Click SCAN
8. Adjust the rotation so that the staves are perfectly horizontal (Menu bar-Image-Rotate canvas)
9. Save as a .tif file on the desktop or on your disk
- Choose IBM PC or MAC byte order for the computer you intend to use to work on the file.

DO NOT PRINT as is. Before you print, select File, then Print with Preview. Change encoding (bottom left of screen) from Binary to ASCII.

8. Launch Photoscore from the Music folder in the Dock 9. Under File, click Open your score
- Click Read This Page

10.Check the scanned page by clicking on the scanned score and it will be highlighted in a corresponding way by the original score to check for accuracies in notation.

11. You can then play the music by clicking the play button

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