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Scanning in Photoshop
LOCATED in the Dock: Multimedia >Photoshop

Scanning in Photoshop
Recommended for:
- Scanning images that require further editing.

1. Place the image on the scanner. Open Photoshop in the Multimedia folder in the Dock. Under the import menu choose the Epson Expression 1640XL scanner. This will launch up the Epson scanning software.

2. Choose the Preview button to begin, which scans a preview of the image . Once the image is up, choose the Scan button. The result is a file that is opened inPhotoshop, ready for editing.

Cropping -
3. It is possible to crop the image using the crop tool. Once the crop tool is selected, drag the mouse over the area that is to be kept. Everything else will be grayed out. Pressing return will then delete this gray area.


Cropping -
4. Another useful tool is the Rotate Canvas command under the Image menu, especially if the scan is crooked or if there is much extraneous imagery surrounding the notation.

Saving the file _
1. There are several formats useful when saving image files. For the purposes of this tutorial, the JPEG file type will be used, since this format is excellent for the creation of both high quality files and files of lower quality that can be sent as a email attachment.

2. Under the File menu choose Save As. Within the resulting dialog box, select JPEG under the Format.


If there is not an option for JPEG, then the scan needs to be converted to grayscale, from Bitmap. Do this by choosing Grayscale from within the Mode option under the Image menu.


After the image has been converted to Grayscale, the JPEG option will be present for saving.

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