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Scanning a score using the Scanning station

Additional Help

For more help on scanning, see the tutorial pages posted at the station.

1. Open Photoshop in the Graphics and Design Folder in the Dock.

2. After placing the hardcopy image in the scanner, choose the Epson Expression 1640XL under the File/Import menu.


This brings up the Epsons scanning sofwatre so that the image can be imported into Photoshop.


If the file you are scanning is a score that you wish to import into Finale or Sibelius, the image must be saved as a black and white image at 300 dpi (dots, or pixels per inch) .

Under document type, choose Text/Line Art.

Then make sure the is set to 300 dpi. and then select Preview.

After the Scanner has created a Preview, select Scan.

To crop the scan, choose the Crop Tool under the Edit menu and drag over the area that is to be kept. After you have the exact area selected, press return to delete the outside areas.

To turn the image upright, under the Image menu, chooose Rotate Canvas.


Finally to save the file, Choose the Save As Optnion under the File menu.


For Finale or Sibelius to be able to impoort a score, the file must be saved as a TIFF file.

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