IU Music Library - An overview of the Triton Keyboard

Copies of the complete Triton manual can be located in the Closed Resverve section of the Cirulation Desk or in the locked STC Cabinets (just ask the STC Consultant on duty). You may download a summarized copy of the manual (as a pdf file) HERE

NOTE: A common problem people find with the Triton keyboard playback.

If the Local Control option is not checked, the MIDI keyboard is only enabled to pass MIDI data - not output it. To change this, look under the Global Menu/MIDI to find the Local Control on/off box:



1 - press GLOBAL

2 - press MENU

3 - press F2 (the MIDI column on the display)

4 - Press F-8 (the Open option in the display)

5- use the down arrow key to select the Local Control option.

6- use the wheel to check the box.

Now you should hear sound from the keyboard.


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