CD-ROM's, DVD-ROM's, CD's and Cassette's Accompanying Books

Make separate Vol/copy records for CD-ROM's, DVD-ROM's, CD's and Cassette's accompanying books/scores. These will be shelved separately from the books/scores.
Do not make a MARC Holding Record unless there are multiple volumes of either the book/score
or the CD or the CD-ROM or the DVD-ROM or the Cassette. Do make a MARC Holding Record in the case of CD's that circulate in order to make it clear that the accompanying CD may circulate (see below).


Since location information is not evident in UNICORN when an item is charged, add the

designation "CD-ROM" or  "DVD-ROM" or "Compact disc" or "Cassette" or "Text" or "Score" after the appropriate call number.
Locations and material types will be designated as appropriate.
Compact discs and cassettes are classified using the DeLerma system by the sound recordings catalogers. CD-ROM's and DVD-ROM's will have the same call no. as the book they accompany.  In the vol/copy record add the designation CD-ROM or DVD-ROM after the call no.  However, the location for both CD-ROM's and DVD-ROM's will be CD-ROM.  The call no. label for both CD-ROM's and DVD-ROM's should include "CD-ROM" as the location:




Examples of call numbers in vol/copy records:

CD ZM.241 Compact disc

MT6.H574 M37 2001 CD-ROM

MT6.H574 M37 2001 Text

CD ZM.246 Compact Disc

ML410.R236 M33 Text

MT56 .C668 CD-ROM

MT56 .C668 Text

M298.W6 R4 Score

CD ZM.270 Compact disc
ML74.4.S688 P58 Text
ML74.4.S688 P58 DVD-ROM

CD's which circulate "normally" (e.g. CD's which
accompany Jamey Aebersold Jazz (Series)):
Always make a MARC holding record which includes the note
(Circulates outside the library) in the 852 for the CD:

852    |cSTACKS|hMT68.B16 H5|zText

852    |cCD|hCD ZM.220|zCompact disc (Circulates outside the library) In the call number for the CD, add (Circ out of lib) after the "Compact disc" designation:
CD ZM.220 Compact disc (Circ out of lib)
The material type for the circulating CD will be "Normal" and the CD will be labelled making it clear that it circulates to all patron categories normally.