CLARR The Cataloger's Toolkit

CLARR is a front-end program developed by Gary Strawn, at Northwestern. CLARR automates certain cataloging and database maintenance routines in NOTIS. It is a fast, accurate way to search, verify headings and create authority records. CLARR can also be used to import and export records to and from OCLC. This page has a links to CLARR online documentation, and will show you some of the many ways you will be using this program.

Quick Reference

User's Guide to CLARR: Home Page

Table of Contents
What CLARR looks like
Starting a session
Importing/Exporting Records
Verifying Headings
Creating Authority Records

What CLARR looks like

This is CLARR:

As you can see, CLARR consists of a collection of iconic buttons. You can change certain things about how CLARR is displayed-- you can change the orientation of the buttons from horizontal to vertical, and you can rearrange how the buttons are grouped. You cannot change the appearance of the pictures on the button. CLARR is configured so it is always on top of your Windows desktop (but you can minimize when necessary)

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Starting a Session

You must be logged into NOTIS before you start CLARR.
On your Windows Desktop Icon locate the shortcut for CLARR. It should look something like this: CLARR Shortcut Simply double click on the shortcut and you're in business!

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Importing/Exporting Records

CLARR offers you a quick method to import and export records between OCLC and NOTIS. In the NOTIS section of your manual you were shown how to import and overlay records using NOTIS, GTO and the XT file in NOTIS. When you use CLARR to import records they go first to the hard drive of your computer, then CLARR gives you the option to overlay or create new records in NOTIS. This process can be used for both bibliographic and authority records. Here's the step by step scoop!

To Import a record from OCLC to NOTIS
With the appropriate record on screen in OCLC, type ALT-J, the macro to send the record to the PC hard drive.
Now, switch back to NOTIS. If you are importing a new record, the screen should be blank. If you are going to overlay a record, you need to have that record on screen.
Press the Import to NOTIS button: on CLARR. You will see this dialog box:

Highlight the appropriate record and click an action button-- New to create a new record, Overlay to overlay the record (duh!). The program will take care of the rest!!
After you have updated your record, you should delete the file (Press the Delete the file button)

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