Book Cataloger's Cheat-Sheet

These are commonly used codes in Book cataloging. Both NOTIS and OCLC MARC names are given for each field when applicable. This list is not exhaustive, so if you don't find what you need, please consulte other sources as needed.

Form of item
Type of date
Yes/No toggles
Relator Codes

Australia [at]
Austria [au]
Belgium [be]
Canada [xxc]
England [enk]
France [fr]
Germany [gw]
Italy [it]
Japan [ja]
Russia (Federation) [ru]
Spain [sp]
United Kingdom [xxk]
United States [xxu]
Table of Contents

English [eng]
French [fre]
German [ger]
Italian [ita]
Spanish [spa]
Table of Contents

a Microfilm
b Microfiche
c Microopaque
d Large print
f Braille
r Regular print reproduction. Reproductions in regular eye-readable print (e.g., a photocopy).
Table of Contents

b B.C. date
e Detailed date
s Single date
I Inclusive dates of collection
k Range of years of bulk of collection
m Range of dates for multipart items or single unpublished items executed over a range of dates.
p Date of distribution/release/issue and date of production/recording session when different
r Reprint/reissue date and original date
t Publication date and copyright date
n Dates unknown
q Range of dates for single item of questionable date
Table of Contents

a Abstracts/summaries, other than its own.
b Bibliographies.
c Catalogs.
d Dictionaries.
e Encyclopedias.
f Handbooks.
I Indexes, other than its own
k Discographies or other bibliographies of recorded sound.
n Surveys of the literature in the subject area.
o Reviews.
p Programmed textbooks
q Filmographies.
Table of Contents

a Illustrations. For pre-AACR2 cataloging, you may use for tables.
b Maps
c Portraits
d Charts
e Plans
f Plates
g Music
h Facsimiles
I Coats of arms
j Genealogical tables
k Forms
l Samples
m Phonodiscs, phonowire, etc. Any type of sound recording.
o Photographs
p Illuminations
Table of Contents

a Individual autobiography
b Individual biography
c Collective biography or autobiography. Items containing two or more individual biographies.
d Contains biographical information
Table of Contents

Yes/No toggles
0=no, 1=yes
FEST 0 or 1
CONF 0 or 1
FICT 0 or 1
INDX 0 or 1

Table of Contents

Relator Codes
Author of introduction, etc. [aui]
Collector [col]
Compiler [com]
Editor [edt]
Illuminator [ilu]
Illustrator [ill]
Other [oth]

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