Logging In to NOTIS

After you start NOTIS (TCP3270 on your desktop) you'll be greeted with this screen:

USE/LOGON                 Indiana University Network                 15:50:42
05/07/97             University Service Environment (USE)

          If you have no user ID, type GUEST (no password required).
     To request a user ID, call Bloomington (812) 855-6789 (Support Cntr).

                              User ID:

                            E-Mail Only (Y/N):

        Use the following fields to change your password if necessary:

                         New Password:

                        Session Transfer (Y/N):

         To leave IUIS from this screen, type 'LOGOFF' as the user ID.
                         Gate Logical Unit -  A03VLT38

You will type in your Username then TAB and enter your Password then press ENTER to get to the "News" screen:

* Need help? The UCS Knowledge Base and On-line Publications are two        
* sources of information available to you 24 hours a day. Use Netscape, Lynx, 
* etc. and begin with the IUB Homepage - then follow the menus for "Services 
* used often," then "Computing" to the UCS Knowledge Base or 
* Computing Publications.

Press ENTER to continue ===>

You will press ENTER and arrive at this screen:

 USE/MENU                 Indiana University Network                16:19:55
 05/07/97             University Service Environment (USE)

                    _ ALA       Library cataloging (McGill only)
                    _ 1         RESERVED
                    _ 2         Student Systems
                    _ 3         Faculty Systems
                    _ 4         Information Online (IO)
                    _ LIBP      CICS/Library Production Center
                    _ LIBT      CICS/Library Systems Development

        HELP   SUPPORT   NEWS   HOURS   UP   DOWN   F=Signoff   K=Logoff

 Type selection or command ===>

You will type libp then press ENTER to get to this screen:

 PPPP    RRRR     OOO    DDDD    U   U    CCC    TTTTT   IIIII    OOO    N    N
 P   P   R   R   O   O   D   D   U   U   C   C     T       I     O   O   NN   N
 PPPP    RRRR    O   O   D   D   U   U   C         T       I     O   O   N N  N
 P       R R     O   O   D   D   U   U   C         T       I     O   O   N  N N
 P       R  R    O   O   D   D   U   U   C   C     T       I     O   O   N   NN
 P       R   R    OOO    DDDD     UUU     CCC      T     IIIII    OOO    N    N

                  CCC    EEEEE   N    N   TTTTT   EEEEE   RRRR
                 C   C   E       NN   N     T     E       R   R
                 C       EEE     N N  N     T     EEE     RRRR
                 C       E       N  N N     T     E       R R
                 C   C   E       N   NN     T     E       R  R
                  CCC    EEEEE   N    N     T     EEEEE   R   R

                       *  UNIVERSITY COMPUTING SERVICES *

   You have been identified to the CICS Production Center as CTHOMASO. If 
this is not what you require, CLEAR and enter CESN to sign-on again at any time.


To clear the screen press CTRL-Z. The next screen you will see is black and blank.

Congratulations, you are logged in!

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