Logging Off of NOTIS

Here's how you log off of NOTIS. It is important that you remember to log off of your account properly. It will save you trouble in the long run... trust me! First clear the screen (Ctrl-Z twice)
Type disc and press Enter. You'll see this screen:

 USE/MENU                 Indiana University Network                16:59:36
 05/12/97             University Service Environment (USE)

                    _ ALA       Library cataloging (McGill only)
                    _ 1         RESERVED
                    _ 2         Student Systems
                    _ 3         Faculty Systems
                    _ 4         Information Online (IO)
                    _ LIBP      CICS/Library Production Center
                    _ LIBT      CICS/Library Systems Development

        HELP   SUPPORT   NEWS   HOURS   UP   DOWN   F=Signoff   K=Logoff

 Type selection or command ===>

 ==> Session LIBP  has ended <== Userid CTHOMASO GATE Logical Unit A03VMT42 DO NOT LEAVE YOUR SESSION UNATTENDED: logoff or use 'L' to lock your terminal. 

Type k and press Enter. You'll see this screen:

USE/LOGON                 Indiana University Network                 17:04:54
05/12/97             University Service Environment (USE)

          If you have no user ID, type GUEST (no password required).
     To request a user ID, call Bloomington (812) 855-6789 (Support Cntr).

                              User ID:

                            E-Mail Only (Y/N):

        Use the following fields to change your password if necessary:

                         New Password:

                        Session Transfer (Y/N):

         To leave IUIS from this screen, type 'LOGOFF' as the user ID.
                         Gate Logical Unit -  A03VLT14
From here, you can either click on the "close session" icon or use the menu and select File, Exit all. Back