Logging In to OCLC

You will access OCLC via a program call Passport for Windows. Here are the instructions for starting a session.

From the Windows95 Desktop select the shortcut to Passport Shortcut to Passport. You'll see a screen with a toolbar:

After you select Session | Open you'll see this menu:

You select a session name by clicking on the name of the session to highlight it. Then you click the Open button. You will use FULL for most of your work.

After you open your session you will be greated with by a welcome screen. Here is a portion of one of those screens:

Notice that you have Pull down menus, as well as a Toolbar. All commands will be entered from the "Home" position (i.e. the upper left hand corner, above the E in Enter)

Congratulations, you're now logged in and ready to go!