Introduction to the documents on the MLA Survey of Personnel Characteristics

The Working Group Surveying Music Library Personnel Characteristics sent out a survey to selected national MLA members and selected nonmembers during the spring of 1997. The WG has been compiling the data and examining the results since then. We gave a report of the survey methodology and some preliminary results during the Boston annual meeting.

There are four related documents under this heading. The questionnaire is a Web version of the printed questionnaire. (The formatting did not translate well into HTML, but the text and order of questions is unchanged from the print version.) The MLA Newsletter article (April-May 1998) summarizes procedures and some results. Selected preliminary results are described further in the third document, and the last document lists additional questions the WG will be examining.

If, after reading these documents, you have questions about the survey itself or suggestions of additional items for the WG to consider, please contact any of us:

MLA Working Group Surveying Music Library Personnel Characteristics: David Lesniaski, chair; Timothy Cherubini, Charles Coldwell, Pat Fisken, Richard Griscom, Michelle Koth, Renee McBride, Cindy Richardson.

Posted 3/30/98